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Fostering a culture centred on excellence across the group, our Group prides itself on performance, innovation and entrepreneurial vigour.

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OUR SUBSIDIARIESInnovative Learning Solutions (ILS)

Innovative Learning Solutions is Africa’s largest truck driver training and testing centre, which aims to improve road safety and empower drivers through professional upskilling and training programmes.

OUR SUBSIDIARIESInnovative Staffing Solutions (ISS)

Innovative Staffing Solutions (ISS) is a leading operational outsourcing company which offers operational management and administration services to clients in industries ranging from engineering, construction, mining, logistics, transport, agriculture, hospitality and retail.


Conveniently located just a few hours’ drive from Johannesburg, Kiarnoux Dal is a farm set in 1,000 hectares of bushveld with over 27 different species of game including steenbok, impala, wildebeest, zebras and warthogs. While Kiarnoux Dal already provides a unique hunting experience, it will soon expand to include exclusive lodge accommodation to cater for guests’ needs.

OUR SUBSIDIARIESAKM Property Investments

AKM Property Investments owns a rapidly expanding property portfolio including various townhouses, apartments, and other residential accommodation around the country as well as commercial and industrial sites.


The AKM Foundation is a charitable trust founded by Arnoux Maré and his wife, Kiara, to assist vulnerable communities, support socio-economic development, and make a meaningful and sustainable difference in the lives of others through high-impact initiatives.

OUR SUBSIDIARIESLeisure & Adventure

As the retail destination of choice for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers in Modimolle and surrounding areas, Leisure & Adventure stocks various leading outdoor brands such as First Ascent, Hi-Tec, Swarovski and more. The group plans to open three more stores in the remote areas of South Africa in the next year.

OUR SUBSIDIARIESPriva Restaurant and Cigar Lounge

With stunning vistas over Waterkloof Heights and its surrounds, Priva is a fine dining restaurant for adults, that  has been awarded “Best Fine Dining Restaurant” by Pretoria News, “Best Luxury Restaurant” by Pretoria Magazine and “Best Restaurant of Pretoria 2022” by Restaurant Week, South Africa. The contemporary luxury restaurant offers fine wines and superior spirits; indoor and outdoor dining; and live music.


Rent-to-own car company CarForU offers a simple, headache-free solution for South Africans to buy the car of their dreams without applying for vehicle financing or providing a credit history. Its innovative model gives everyone with the opportunity to purchase high-quality pre-owned cars through 48-month lease programmes, providing all individuals with freedom of mobility.

OUR SUBSIDIARIESWattlespring Sports Club

The Wattlespring Sports Club is a pristine world-class shooting range located only 20 minutes from Pretoria East. Not only does it boast elite clay pigeon, rifle and handgun ranges, it is also host to a  variety of  corporate functions, exclusive competitions and fun shoots. The Wattlespring Sports Club is open to any shooter, whether they are a novice looking to expand on a hobby or an experienced shooting veteran. In addition to being a distinctive range nestled in beautiful surroundings, it also has a family-friendly restaurant, swimming pool and lavish lawns, making it a welcoming space for all.

103 Club Avenue, Waterkloof Heights, Pretoria, South Africa, 0065
+27 (0) 10 010 0076

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